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News, News and more News!!!

You may or may not know this.. but Kaylyn has the most awesomest boyfriend in the entire world.. she loves him and he loves her and things are absolutely perfectionestic!! :p hehe, new word creating is fun. So,.. his name is David Dale.. the rest is a secret :p

I am currently at his house and he's sitting right next to me reading all this like an asshole.. making me all embarrassed... x.x but that's ok.. I'll just embarrass him back. lmao anways.. I wanted to post a full list of things that you guys should probably know about him and how things are.. and it's all going to be appropriate, I promise :x

so then.. for
1. He has a 5 year old daughter named Ryley, she's the shit. He's a good dad, like the kind of dad that will buy her everything that she wants.. but totally has a handle on her behavior which is a plus++ I enjoy watching the father/daughter relationship.. it's cute ^-^
2. He's on my myspace, the top one for instance so check him out and comment his myspace. be nice!
3. He is 6 feetsies tall TG, it's about time.
4. He's a twiggie.. which is fine b/c he's probably the hottest thing on two legs
5. He wears glasses, but needs new ones.. they's broke.
6. He has 3 tattoos, but plans on getting more.. he wants to get wylie cyote and I'm going to get the road runner.
7. He holds the record for the first boyfriend of mine to ever have a clean house and keep it that way TG.
8. He lives here in Norman over on the NE side.
9. He likes to eat sammiches with cheesesteak in them.. I think that's all he bought in walmart.
10. He drives a van, with seats that can fold down into a bed, ohhh yeah.. I can sleep while he's at work.
11. Family heritage mostly consists of Polish and Danish.. mmm.. apple danishes.. :p getting back to the list..
12. His car is kept clean too ^-^
13. He has the most gorgeous eyes.. I especially like when they light up when he smiles and give me that look followed by a "Whaaatt??"
14. He used to work at burger king.. and is between jobs right now.
15. The first day that we hung out, he made me laugh like a million times.. I don't think that I was ever that entertained when I hung around buddy.. x.x oh god, stalker alert!
16. Our first date was at the Sunny Side Up resturant. it was awesomeness.. Jerk wouldn't order hardly anything.. embarrassed that I was paying for it I suppose.. ???
17. He pretty much well knows just about all of the Crager Family collection of movies.. there's a few more to go such as "Top Secret".. but hey.. he knew "The Birds"
18. He used to live in good old cali, TG he was nowhere near oroville.. that'd be bad..
19. He has a pathetic sense of smell?? (sorry to be lame but I'm having trouble thinking here with him right next to me) so he doesn't know if I'm smelling horrible... but the downside is when he starts to... x.x
20. He knows my Klynn Klynn nickname,OG, this is not going to end well.. anyways.. He's pretty much the sweetest guy that I've ever known.. he never fails to make me happy and OMG I totally got my first rose :p tell me that's not teh sex!! anyways.. I am done with the list.. enjoy guys.

lolerz.. I've had fun, read up and let me know what you think.. and please don't myspace him embarrassing stories.. he already knows that I blew snot bubbles as a kid.. I think that's enough for a lifetime.


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Oct. 8th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
So I love how you said "the Crager family collection of movies"...it made me smile! By the way, you can get MST3K: The Movie on dvd now...and it's pretty much amazing...and it's pretty hilarious in French!

Oct. 29th, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
^-^ there you are!
I am planning on getting the DVD version soon enough, especially since Buddy destroyed my other one.. :p

David did actually know all about Top Secret. He just didn't remember until he saw the cover with the cow n' boots. So what's been up with you? I'm trying to find time to come out and visit. I get paid every thursday and I'm working 6 days a week.. so my day off is the only sleep that I get :) I love the fact that everyone considered me lazy when I was out in Harrah and couldn't get a job and here I am getting 48 hours a week and $340 paychecks :p

I thought it was really funny when melissa got a job out in Welston or some area way far out there. I told my mom there weren't any jobs out here. I should have a cell phone pretty soon, so be prepared when a stranger calls, it'll be me.

What's been up with you? Where do you work now? I told you right? that I work at a circle k. I work at the one right off of I-35 in norman. Right off of Main St. You should come visit sometime.. maybe come into town for an OU game :) I'll talk to you later though, see ya Sara! ::huggles::
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