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Milky Novels and Romance Ways at Midnight

Man, it's been like forever since I last made a blog post.. but I'm feeling it today. :D

So I'm currently lavishing myself with Milky Way Midnight Mini's that David brought me.. he walked up out of nowhere and pulled them from his pocket.. I could have cried. Sometimes he's amazingly astute, Milky Way MN(my faaaaaaaaaaavorite candy bar) + Romance Novel = HEAVEN. He calls it "Daddy Magic", but I more think of it as awesome.. REGARDLESS, I've been occupying my time lately with reading some of my older books and frankly, Night Play - Sherrilyn Kenyon is a #1 best of my collection. I simply love this one.. it's simply too good. The part that I'm at now while completely bereft of an explanation has kinda hit home in a silly little way so here's what I'm loving:

Excerpt from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Play, Copyright @ 2004 Sherrilyn Kenyon, St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010

"It must have been hard," Bride said, bringing him back to the present.
Back to her.
Vane fed her another bite. "You get used to it."
She looked at him as if she understood the sentiment. "It's amazing what you can get used to, isn't it?"
"How do you mean?"
"Just that sometimes we let other people treat us wrongly because we want to be loved and accepted so badly that we'd do anything for it. It hurts when you know that no matter how much you try, how much you want it, they can't love you or accept you as you are. Then you hate all the time you wasted trying to please them and wonder what about you is so awful that they couldn't at least pretend to love you."
He saw red at her words and the hurt that glimmered in her amber eyes. "Taylor is an idiot."
Bride widened her eyes at the deep, growling intensity of his voice.
Vane set the fork aside and placed his hand on her cheek. He studied her face and stroked her skin with his fingers. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and there is nothing about you I would ever seek to change."
It felt so good to hear him say that, but she didn't delude herself for a minute. She'd always been the chubby little girl who didn't want to wear a bathing suit in public. The one who pretended to have her period at parties so that no one would mock her for her weight.
How many times had she watched the skinny little putas come into her shop, to try on the slinky dresses she sold but could never wear?
Just once in her life, she wished she could wear one of Tabitha's more outrageous outfits and not watch a guy's eyes drift immediately away from her as he sought out someone more desirable.

(that's the part that got to me.. continuing on just for fun)

"You keep talking like that, Vane, and I might be forced to keep you."
"You keep looking at me like that, and I just might let you."
She shivered at his words. "You're too good to be real. There's this voice in the back of my head that is telling me I need to run before it's too late. "You're a serial killer, aren't you?"
He blinked, then frowned. "What?"
"You're like that guy in The Silence of the Lambs. You know, the one who is making a woman suit who's being charming so that he can seduce and kidnap a woman for her skin."
He actually looked aghast at her words, even offended. Which meant he was either innocent or a great actor.
"You're going to throw me naked into a pit and make me drench myself in baby lotion, aren't you?"
He did laugh at that. "You live in New Orleans, where they can't even dig a grave. So tell me where I'm going to find this pit?"
"It's an above ground pit."
"Hardly secretive."
"But possible," she insisted.
He shook his head. "You don't give up, do you?"
"Look, I'm a realist and I just had my heart ripped out. I don't want to be involved with anyone right now. You've been so kind to me and I don't know why. It's just that things like this don't happen in real life. Prince Charming doesn't come to the rescue all the time. Most of the time, he's too busy with perfect freakin' Cinderella and her teeny-tiny perfect feet to even notice the rest of us."

(I've found comfort, especially laughter in this entire book, I love the juxtaposition of the two main characters. Honestly, a lot of what is said I completely agree with and have probably said something close to the same, but mostly.. when I read Miss Kenyon's books, I feel less like the stories are someone elses' fictional life, but more like I'm just sitting at the local coffee shop with my girlfriends. I find comfort and enlightenment inside the wide collection that she has and I have to say that as of today, FUCK THE IDEA OF DIETING. I was always a superior eater as a child, but as an adult, I don't pack away food like I used to. Most days I can eat a small salad and feel full and comfortable with my nourishment accomplishment. However, I do feel that I need much more exercise in my life and one of those priorities is that Klynn Klynn needs a Zumba partner. I don't know what got me into the idea of it, but after seeing a few different commercialized versions of what it's like.. I'm seriously intrigued. If not Zumba then I seriously want another Gazelle. {I wonder if mom still has hers?) +mental note and to-do list prompting aside I honestly love exercise and part of that includes cardio, which is what beginner Zumba is all about. I love the feel of my heart racing and the sound created when twisting off the cap to an ice cold water bottle. For the moment however, more reading until Ry gets home and then I think I'm hankering a park visit. I'm in the mood to get some much needed play time for Melly and a good bit of exercise for mommy. So with that, I bid thee LiveJournal adieu and a freshly twisted cap+water shot to good health.